Brown Bear & Ella

Please meet my Guild guitars, Brown Bear (Left) and Ella (Right). Brown Bear and EllaThese two beauties. They go to every show with me, to and from LA and Santa Cruz, and make appearances in just about all of my youtube videos and photo shoots. And I named them…yes, I name my guitars, and no offense to my human friends, but these guys are my best friends.

I first was introduced to Brown Bear when I was 19. It was the day before my first CD release when I walked into my dads house and saw him. At first I didn’t even care what it sounded like, the beautiful color of the mahogany had my attention. Sadly, I only played one song with Brown Bear at my release and it wasn’t until a year later when I really discovered how much I love this guitar. Not just how beautiful it was, but how beautiful it sounded. For the past 2 1/2 years I have written 99% of my songs on this guitar. Trying to write on a different guitar is really challenging and I don’t quite know why… But this guitar is my love. Named after my brown dog, Mowgli, who I refer to as my baby bear. It is just the best.

As for Ella, she was named after one of my all time favorite artists, Ella Fitzgerald because this lovely guitar is hollow body jazz guitar. And she started out as my dads. But again like Brown Bear, I was drawn to her the first time I saw her in our little music room. When Ella first joined the family I wasn’t familiar with electric guitars at all, but since it was a happy medium of acoustic and electric, I thought I’d give her a try and sure enough, I fell in love again. And on my 21st birthday she became mine.

And now you know all about my guitars. And how weird I am.

You’re welcome.


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