The Making of the Little Moon EP


Recorded at: Stone Bear Studios in Oregon (special thanks to Troy Welstad)

Produced/Arranged/Instrumentation by: Mel Guerison

Engineered by: Cassi Blum (Deaf Dog Audio)

Mixed by: Jonathan Mooney

Mastered by: Timothy Stollenwerk @ Stereophonic Mastering 

Rhythm : Phillip Rogers


Photos by: Robert Keller Photography

EP Design by: Kelsey Linder (Blonde & Blushing)



This EP took a team of extremely talented people to bring to life and I cannot thank them enough. I traveled from California to Oregon for 5 days to record these songs and I must admit that it felt quite ambitious. These songs were all written at different times throughout the course of 4 years and I am extremely happy to finally share them. I loved them when I wrote them, but I fell in love with them all over again when I heard what they had become.


Special thanks to:

Will Witt, Troy Welstad & Family, Mel Guerison, Cassi Blum, Jonathon Mooney, Phillip Rogers, Timothy Stollenwerk, Kelsey Linder, Robert Keller, and my family and friends who support me in music everyday!

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