Award winning singer/songwriter Katie Ekin has been breaking into the music scene with her blend of indie/folk/pop songs since the age of 17. Its been 2 1/2 years since her last release; but after living and creating music in LA, and moving back to her hometown of Santa Cruz, her newest EP “Little Moon” was released in July 2018. 

The “Little Moon EP” is just a taste of what is yet to come from Katie. Its dreamy and atmospheric vibe showcase a new side of the songwriter that is beginning to gain the  attention of music lovers everywhere. Katie’s songwriting has matured, but you can still count on the catchy melodies of the tracks off the Little Moon EP to be playing in your head after the first listen. 


"Her six-song offering ‘Caught Up in You’ is like cotton candy – it’s light, it’s sweet, and I want some more. Right now." - Bobby Jo Valentine

"Her voice is naturally melodious as a songbird"-Santa Cruz Goodtimes

"She sings like a bird, doesnt she?"- Benjamin Winter

"Her voice is butter"- Starr Saunders